Raku Ramen & Rolls

“Raku means “joy” in English and “joy” has always been the purpose of cooking that Chef Tony Ounpamornchai infused in all of his restaurants (Sea Thai Bistro, Sea Noodle Bar and the latest addition to the family…Tony’s Galley). Paying homage to the Japanese traditional cooking methods, chef Tony has employed the techniques and recipes to create the dishes that not only delicious but also aimed to create “joy” for all patrons.

With high quality ingredients but accessible pricing, we have become a local favorite. The go-to spot for variety of ramens, great selections of rolls and the creative Japanese dishes that only served at Raku. So to all locals and visitors alike, we invite you to come experience our Japanese comfort food with the friendly setting right in the heart of Sonoma County. Hope to see you all soon.”

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